Pegasus English Language School is located in Tetovo, Macedonia. The school has been promoting the communicative approach in learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) since its establishment in 2002.

Pegasus ELS works with a team of highly qualified professionals in EFL methodology, who are dedicated teachers – trained both in Macedonia and abroad (CELTA, CELTYL, Trainer Training, EFL Technology in the Classroom).

The school offers courses of general English to young learners and adults, applying a variety of methods and approaches to enhance student acquisition of the target language and to provide a contemporary setting for its practical use. Therefore, the school uses Content Based Instruction and organizes creative workshops to help young learners improve their language skills in a natural accademic setting.

Pegasus ELS is a pioneer in promoting Digital Literacy for EFL Students in the country. This web site was designed and developed by the participants in the Digital Literacy for EFL Students course, as part of the Web Design workshop organised by Pegasus ELS.

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